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  • [Company News] Team building activity - Reach the peak of Purple Mountain

    As Women’s Day comes, Red-House organized a team building activities ─ Reach the peak of Purple Mountain. In the process of climbing, Red-House family encouraged each other, supported each other. Although panting an sweaty, no one gave up halfway. Mountaineering, not only lets everyone have a chanc

  • [Company News] Make "craftsman spirit” be “Red-House spirit”

    In today's society, people are flighty and impetuous, pursuing "less, shorter, faster" (less investment, shorter cycle, faster effect), while ignoring the product quality and soul. So enterprises need more “craftsman spirit”, to succeed in the long-term competition.

  • [Company News] We won the first prize

    On January 12 2017, Nanjing Red-House Gifts Co., Ltd., invited by program groups of annual meeting of Nanjing import and export chamber of commerce, participated in the poetry readings show - "I have my country, I have my mother tongue".

  • [Company News] Retro Style New Product - Antique Snowing Lantern

    In October 2016, “Red-House” creative team pushed out a new kind of snowing Christmas product – Antique snowing lantern.This is a product based on lantern, first attempt antique appearance design and make it present in best condition.

  • [Company News] Annual Commendation Meeting

    Annual Commendation MeetingOn July 9, our company held the annual commendation meeting ceremoniously, all the staff presented the meeting wearing uniform printed “Red-house”.Meeting was divided into three processes: publicity of business and production progress, prizes for workers, general manager’s speech.

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