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Nanjing Red-House Gifts Co., Ltd. is one of the most influential designer and manufacturer for Snowing Christmas Decorations in the world. The products are related to the Transparent Case, Umbrella-shaped Base, Frame-supported Base, Frame-supported Dome, Hanging style, Revolving Tree, Hanging Lamp, Wall Lamp, Tabletop Lamp, Vertical Streetlamp, Windmill, etc. which are included in 10 categories, 30 series, more than 500 designs. 

Red-House has developed and manufactured such products for more than 15 years. We have paid close attention to product innovation and intellectual property protection. Currently, Red-House has owned 6 of the utility model patents, more than 400 of appearance design patents and copyrights. As a trademark, "Red House" has been registered in Trademark Bureau of China. Our products have been hotly sold in the global market for many years. Our visibility and credibility has been generally recognized by lots of our customers. 

Thus, hereby we seriously declare that: "Red House" is the only legitimate holder of the creative designs. In order to safeguard your benefit, please go to "Red House" to buy related products. Recently, we found very few companies and individuals attempted to copy our creative designs. But their molds have been forfeited. Their tort has been punished initially. We will reserve all of our rights to protect our legal interests in any form! Any related matters, please contact directly with GM office of Nanjing Red-House Gifts Co., Ltd.  Tel : 025- 84651066. Thanks!

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