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Snowing christmas tree

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About decorating the Christmas tree, there seems to be little difference around the world.Because Christmas is in the winter, so the Christmas tree used are evergreen trees.Most of them were small palm trees, or pine-trees, about four or five feet high, planted in large POTS full of little colored candles or electric lights, and hung with all kinds of decorations and ribbons, and toys for children, and presents from families.After decorating, put the one horn of the sitting room.If placed in a church, auditorium, or public place, the tree is larger, and the tree can also be placed under the gifts.According to the customs of Christmas, the first tree was a small palm tree by the side of the road in Bethlehem, now in Israel.On the night of the first day of the nativity, when the virgin Mary and st. Joseph came to the city of Bethlehem, they were very tired. The virgin Mary took a rest under the tree.In the middle of the night, Jesus Christ was born.At that moment, a very bright star appeared in the sky. It shone with a wonderful light and went straight to the head of the little palm tree, forming a beautiful circle of light.From then on, the little palm tree in the Christmas, has occupied a glorious position.It was only in the nineteenth century that Christmas trees became popular all over the world.In a scene in the garden of Eden after god created man, when Adam and eve rebelled against god, a palm tree hung with apples was used to represent the tree of life or the tree of good and evil.The tree of life in the game has been moved home to symbolize the coming of the savior.With the development of this symbol, by the fifteenth century, the decoration of the Christmas tree, has become a custom.

And now,Let me introduce a different kind of Christmas tree for you.It's snowing,singing and  lighting.This is our pantent product : snowing christmas tree.It's very popular all around the world.When we attend the exhibition, there are always a lot of people pay attention to it, and the children are no exception.Now, Let's see these cute children.

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