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Retro Style New Product - Antique Snowing Lantern

Views: 80     Author: Nina Cheng     Publish Time: 2017-04-03      Origin: Site

In October 2016, “Red-House” creative team pushed out a new kind of snowing Christmas product – Antique snowing lantern.


This is a product based on lantern, first attempt antique appearance design and make it present in best condition. Compared with the previous product, archaize process of surface also takes a new look.

This antique lantern can be carried and hanged, overcame the weakness of previous products - must use adapter. It can use USB plug, also equipped with 3 AA batteries that the lantern can be used directly. Just one appearance on the 120th Canton fair, this antique snowing lantern is approved and favored by many foreign customers.  


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