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Peak Season Awards — For Lovely Crafts in Red-House!

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On September 4, 2017, Red-House held an annual peak season awards recognition conference.  This meeting aimed to award for the outstanding team and individual in the production of export  orders .

The meeting was attended by general manager Sweir Jiao, management  team, staff representatives and recognized employees. After the opening address of the host, the factory manager reported the production of the factory. From the data, the factory manager summed up the blip in the production this year, pointed out some shortcomings also. He hope everyone can sum up experience and learn from mistakes, make better achievements in next year’s production. 



Two production teams  also analyzed the problems existing in their teams and put forward the solutions. In order to express our sincere gratitude to production teams, the business executives took the stage to deliver a speech, thanking them for their strong support as a backstop!

After presentation, the commendation ceremony officially began.

In the warm applause, talented employees walked up to the podium with a bright smile. The leaders gave them honorary certificates and a big thumb up. Excellent employees from different jobs, with their hard sweat to harvest  the fruit growth and the hard-won honor also greatly inspired the morale of the the staff, to mobilize their enthusiasm, enhace their collective sense of honor.



Worker representative delivered the speech:” good enterprise culture needs to be passed down, I just did what I should do, it’s a matter of time. I will lead my team members to continue to work hard.”

Why do workers have such high recognition? Because Sweir introduced ”Craftsman Spirits” to factory. In order to improve the quality consciousness, to ensure products quality, Red-House uses ”Craftsman Spirits” as the spirit of enterprise.


At the end of meeting, Sweir made an important summary for this meeting. He affirmed the efforts of excellent staff and congratulated them on their success. No pain, no gain.

Although busy season is coming to an end, Red-House will have its off-season marketing. This year we will increase our efforts to bring more Christmas products and new products to everyone. Wait and see!

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