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Annual Commendation Meeting

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Annual Commendation Meeting

On July 9, our company held the annual commendation meeting ceremoniously, all the staff presented the meeting wearing uniform printed “Red-house”.Meeting was divided into three processes: publicity of business and production progress, prizes for workers, general manager’s speech.

First the factory director announced this year's production progress, compared with last year, completion rate and progress had greatly ascended, it was closely related with the enthusiasm and cognition of the workers.


After analysis of the progress data, our general manager – Sweir Jiao, encouraged everybody to make persistent efforts, to create a better plan completion rate. The next part was for workers. There were a lot of awards, comprehensive, in order to recognize good performance of the workers. The prizes were: "almighty" stars, "hardworking" stars, "teacher" star.

After the prize, Workers all received great encouragement, believed that everyone in the next half year would make their all effort, perfectly to complete this year's production target.

Finally, our president- Sweir Jiao, gave a speech. He summarized the inadequacy and successes of the past half year, and expressed his hope for the following half year. The meeting ended.

Our big family. Red-House,my home.

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